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Receive a federal tax credit for installing Huper Optik window film in 2010. The U.S. Government has finally recognized Window Film as a viable solution for Energy Conservation! You have till the end of 2010 to qualify. See our Tax Credits and Rebates page for details.

Through years of experience we have selected our range of films to satisfy our customers needs. The Heat/Fade control films can be summarized in two categories. Traditional and Ceramic. The descriptions and high points are below.

We proudly carry the full lines of film from Huper Optik, Suntek, and Sunguard.

Traditional Films (metal-based):
Our Traditional Films are available in a wide variety of shades and thicknesses, including films so light they are virtually invisible. All of which help reduce energy bills, increase occupant comfort and protect draperies, carpets and furnishings from pre-mature fading. Our selected films can do this because they reject 99.9% percent of damaging ultraviolet and a significant amount of solar heat energy. In addition to excellent solar control properties they provide increased levels of safety because they help hold glass together in case of an accident or storm. These films are backed by a manufacturers Lifetime Warranty! We offer two premium Reflective Film technologies to meet a wide range of individual needs. Traditional films offer the same reflectivity inside and outside. While our Premium Dual-Reflective films offer low interior visibility to improve interior views.

Ceramic Films (metal and dye free):
Ceramic Based (multi-ply) films are a popular recommended window film for the the San Diego area. No dyes or metals are used in producing these films. Multi-Ply Ceramic films give glass a natural tinted look with great performance and excellent overall clarity. Ceramic-Based Films appear much less reflective because of the inherent nature of ceramics. This low reflectivity is a blessing for Homes with night views as these films have the most favorable combination of visible light transmission with low reflectance and high heat rejection on the market. For homeowners living near an ocean environment, Ceramic Films are a smart choice. The salty air environment can take a toll on "High Performance" Films and introduce corrosion problems where a Ceramic film is designed to withstand these conditions. Because Ceramic materials dissipate heat at a much faster rate such as the Ceramic Tiles on a Space Shuttle, the higher absorption rate isn't an issue when considering using these films for dual-pane windows. All our Ceramic films are "Dual-Pane Safe". In our gallery page we have many examples of a Multi-Ply Ceramic installations. Notice how these windows do not have that Silver "Tin Foil" look. Homeowner associations around the nation are quick to approve our Premium Multi-Ply Ceramic Films.

=== Please Note === Our Patented Premium Multi-Ply Ceramic Films have forced some competitor's to compete by making there own version(s). Take caution to Single-Ply ceramic films, although these films may have their place, they appear more reflective then the patented multi-layer Ceramic's. We offer both versions from Huper Optik the “Original Manufacturer” of Ceramic Film

1.40% Ultra Violet Rays
2.25% Visible Light
3.25% Heat (SHGC, the lower this number the better)
4.10% Miscellaneous (indoor lighting, humidity)

In your home, year after year, the sun's UV rays cause colors to fade, fabrics to fray, and woods to crack. The damage to your furnishings, floorings and artwork gets worse over time, and can never be reversed. But it can be significantly reduced with Huper Optik window films. They block greater than 99.9% of harmful UV rays, the equivalent of SPF 200, saving you thousands of dollars in potential sun damage, while helping to preserve the beauty of your home. Huper Optik window films are also recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. Dermatologists recognize that reducing greater than 99.9% of ultraviolet rays means less harm to your skin.

All of this protection is possible without impeding your view day or night. No more closing up the blinds in the morning or afternoon to keep the heat out. Enjoy the view, and the peace of mind that comes when you buy your window film backed by the industries only transferable lifetime warranty. Huper Optik window films will improve the comfort of your home in all seasons. By blocking heat and reducing glare caused by direct sunlight, and by eliminating "hot spots" they enable you to control your home's climate more efficiently. As a result, our film can help reduce air conditioning costs in the summer and heating costs in winter. Huper Optik films have earned the Energy Star rating.

The Advanced Solar Technologies team is here to help you find the best solution to making your home more efficient, reducing energy costs and improving the comfort of all rooms and the aesthetics of it.

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